Creating a WHY statement was a new concept to me about 5 years ago. I was growing deeper into my career and for the first time, understood how burnout could happen. It wasn’t a fun feeling, but these warning signs made me realize that I needed to remember why I started in the industry in the first place.

For me, I didn’t buy this company to make money. I know business owners are supposed to say that, but this truly wasn’t what fueled my decision to do this for a career. I really wanted and still want to make a generational impact. I want to see people THRIVE through life and not just grind. 

One of the ways that I am reminded of my why is through connecting with my community. Connecting to my community is a powerful thing that lifts me up, supports and encourages me. This year, I started volunteering at the Dream Center in Columbus OH by serving breakfast and doing laundry for the homeless in our community.

I spent a few weeks getting to know our community members and the staff who work there. Once I had established trust and consistently volunteered, I asked the Director if I could offer foot care to the guests who attended. Within one week, I got a BIG yes, which made me so excited. 

The Director had shared that foot care is so important for this demographic and that socks were the number one requested item. These guests walk a lot despite the weather and don’t always have the proper hygiene or supportive shoes. A couple of weeks ago, my sister, April, and I showed up with our tools, zero gravity chairs and smiles to cut toenails and remove corns. 

What if this could create generational change? Or make a difference in someone’s life that helped them to thrive in a way that they hadn’t been given the opportunity to before? I began to get excited and went back to how I felt when I first bought the company. 

I was blown away by how eager the guests were to receive this service and share their story. April and I felt so honored to be welcomed into this community, and is something that we want to do again and again. We felt like we’ve learned the skills and have quality tools to be able to provide a true service. 



As I reflect back on this experience and the refuel it brought me, I realize that it’s connected to my why in this industry. I needed this as a way to remind myself of this and what truly matters.

Simply put, we are better together! Money can never replace true connection and being linked to your passion!

If you feel in a rut, burnout or feel disconnected, I encourage you to connect with your community in some way and use your gifts and talents to bless someone else. This will refuel you in a way that is needed to help you to stay in the industry for the long-term. 

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July 11, 2022 — Erica Schlabach