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Why learn with Erica's?

Did nail school leave you completely in the dark when it comes the e-file? Do you want to learn how to perform a dry pedicure so you can stand out from the other salons in your area? Do you have your e-file basics down, but want to learn more advanced skills without testing them on your clients?

Then you've come to the right place. We offer the best in-person education available for all of those things and more!



Onyfix is a NEW nail correction system that is a pain-free solution for involuted and ingrown nails that corrects the nail shape through natural nail growth. Onyfix increases the scope of work for nail technicians and provides relief and results for clients. Onyfix is a game changer for the nail industry! Includes kit valued at $525.

Instructor: Erica Schlabach - Owner & Education Director, Erica's ATA

What our students are saying
I have been using Erica’s Diamond bits for sometime now. "I just had an opportunity to take her dry manicuring class and OMG such a game changer I cannot wait to take future classes and I will continue to use products and I highly recommend if you are not following her on Instagram and YouTube her tutorials are so easy and so self-explanatory you will not regret"
— Katryna
"This class was beyond my expectations. Erica is an absolute gem to our industry. She is completely hands on. Makes sure and watches every one individually and gives great sound advice. I had some experience with e file cuticle work but now it’s exactly what I needed. I’m so happy I took the class. Amazing class, amazing sisterhood and I would absolutely recommend to anyone thinking of taking it."
— Jocelyn
I had an amazing class with Erica’s ATA. Not only did we learn a lot about dry manicures and the future of nails, we learned about valuing ourselves, boundaries and having confidence. It was truly a surreal experience.
— Montana
"If you are thinking about taking a class with Erica's, do it!
I took both her Dry Mani and her Dry Pedi/Onyfix classes in Columbus and it was an amazing experience from start to finish! Erica is an enthusiastic educator who's teaching style is just as lively as her personality!
t's also worth mentioning that Erica's team are also just as amazing!"
— Alexandra
"WOW! If you haven't attended one of Erica's in person classes you need to make it a priority. The meticulous sanitation Protocol, professionalism, and Practical hands on training from Erica herself absolutely Exceeded all of my expectations! Erica has Mastered the ability to teach and make it fun! She is a Dynamic, well educated and caring instructor. This girl knows her stuff 😍. The team at Erica's ATA is also held to the same high level of customer service and support. Yeah they're awesome too! 😉"
— Elena
"Erica’s ATA High End Cuticle Work course was amazing! I really enjoyed the energy Erica brought, the information was well organized, great delivery, details, demos, hands on instructions and a student kit! I recommend this course to all nail professionals."
— Latoria

Can't make it in person?

Learn some basic tips and tricks on our YouTube Channel!

Basic Dry Mani

Erica shows you how to do a quick and easy dry manicure using just one diamond bit. You can add this to any of your services!

Easy Dry Pedicure

Looking for a better way to pedicure that doesn't strain your body? In this video, Erica shares her dry pedi techniques for a basic pedicure service that leaves feet feeling silky and healthy!

Advanced Dry Mani

Erica shows you how to do an advanced dry manicure (sometimes referred to as a "Russian manicure") using diamond bits to meticulously clean the cuticle and open up the cuticle pocket.