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Here are some essentials for your dry pedicure kit:

Why you need it:

NEW Pedicure Bits

An essential tool for dry pedicures! Our new diamond plating process sets these pedicure bits apart, ensuring it lasts longer and works harder to remove callus!

Pedicure Carbide Tapered Barrel

Use the Pedicure Carbide Tapered Barrel to exfoliate and reduce thick callus! A carbide will remove more callus quicker than using just a diamond pedicure bit alone. Available for Right or Left Handed Users.

Long & Lean

Exfoliate thick cuticle off of the nail or smooth out applied product near the cuticle. It has a longer and larger surface area than the Small Tapered Barrel, making it perfect for toenail cuticle clean up! Great for thinning out toenails too.


The diamond Unicorn bit safely exfoliates cuticle and preps the nail plate. The smooth round top is ideal for techs new to dry manicures and pedicures.

Pedi + Debulk Kit

Quickly reduce thick callus, cracked heels and thin down toenails with just these 3 bits! These bits can be used on dry skin or in combination with Podoexpert Callus Softener. Available in Right or Left handed options.

Pedi + Toes Kit

Erica's favorite 3 diamond bits for a basic dry pedicure to take care of cuticle, toenail and callus exfoliation. Best used on dry skin, so if your clients insist that they want to soak in water, we recommend soaking after using these bits.

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