Pedi + Debulk Kit

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Nail Pro Favorite
NailPro 2023 Reader’s Choice Finalist
Good for: Average Cuticles
Lefty Option
100% Diamond
Made in USA

About the Product

2022 & 2023 NAILPRO Readers' Choice Finalist - Best Callus Treatment

Quickly reduce thick callus, cracked heels and thin down toenails with this dry pedicure kit! Can be used on dry skin or in combination with Podoexpert Callus Softener.

  • Pedicure Torch (coarse/extra coarse) - exfoliates & smooths skin
  • Pedicure Sphere Carbide - reduces thickness & debulk heel cracks, corns
  • Pedicure Tapered Barrel Carbide - reduces thick callus and toe nails
  • Slim Bit Case

Benefits of dry pedicures: 

    • Superior callus and cuticle exfoliation: Dry skin exfoliates best, ensuring optimal results and smoother skin.
    • Longer-Lasting Polish: Polish and gel adheres better to dry surfaces, extending the wear of the pedicure.
    • Increased Safety: Avoid exposure to waterborne pathogens and unsanitary tubs with a dry pedicure approach.

    How To Use

    Use the carbide pedicure bits to exfoliate thick callus 18,000-25,000 RPM. Then use the diamond pedicure bit to smooth the area 15,000-25,000 RPM. Skin must be dry in order to use the bits (with the exception of spraying Podoexpert Shoe & Foot Deodorant or Callus Softener). If your clients insist that they want to soak in water, you can soak feet after exfoliating with bits.

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