the best bits for


Here are some essentials for your acrylic dry mani kit:

Why you need it:

Acrylic Shaper

Smooth and shape product with the Acrylic Shaper. This bit is perfect for thinning down product near the cuticle so you have a smooth transition as the nail grows out. For right-hand users only.

Large Barrel Carbide

Great for fast cutting with a smooth finish. Use to thin out product, reduce thickness, shape acrylic or hard gel, carve out smile lines or remove lifting pockets. We recommend Medium or Coarse grit for Acrylic. For Right and Left Handed users.

Micro Taper

This versatile diamond bit has a thin and tapered point perfect for basic or detailed cuticle work. The diamond particles safely exfoliate skin and cuticle around the nail fold and on the nail plate. We recommend Medium or Fine grit.

Adjustable Mandrel

The sanding band got an upgrade! This mandrel fits all standard sanding bands, arbor bands and Erica's diamond Flip Cylinder. The rubber O-rings allow for cooler cutting and a true secure fit with bands of any size. Best for Right-Handed users.


This is a client favorite! Use with lunu-luxe cuticle oil on the skin around the nail to smooth and rehydrate the cuticles! Do this as the very last step of the service after product application in order to reduce hangnails and promote a long-lasting manicure!

Acrylic Kit

All your must-haves for acrylic in one convenient kit! Quickly remove acrylic with the carbide & shape new product with the diamond barrel and the Acrylic Shaper. Finally, use the safety sciver for cuticle work and nail prep! Available for Right hand users only.

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