I'm Erica (yep, that Erica!)

My mission is to provide nail techs with the products and education they need to be the best that they can be. We strive to empower nail techs to achieve their professional goals and live happy, healthy, balanced lives. Whether it's through offering thoughtfully-designed high-end products, enabling access to the best e-file education out there, or teaching you how grown in your business and reach your personal and professional goals through our inner beauty growth program, Erica's is here for you!

Our company values honesty, education, integrity, team work, and quality above everything else. We strive to ensure those values come through in everything we do, and I know your experience with us will reflect that. I'm so excited to have you with us!

About Us

Based in central Ohio, Erica’s ATA is a family owned business specializing in electric nail file tools and techniques. With over 30+ years of experience in the beauty industry, Erica’s ATA is a proud US manufacturer of efficient manicure & pedicure tools to help techs work safely. Electric files are essential for today’s manicure and foot care services and we are excited to simplify your work with professional tools and education.

We prioritize quality. Our diamond tools are made with 100% natural diamond so that they work faster and last longer. We source materials from other American vendors to promote fair wages and ensure that you receive only the best quality tools.

Our Histoy


Advance Technical Abrasives began in 1987 in Columbus, Ohio when founder Edwin Tausch took his extensive background in diamond cutting and started manufacturing dental wheels for the dental lab industry.

Edwin began his career at General Electric where he and a team of engineers patented the first man-made diamonds. In the 1980's, Edwin stumbled upon a new opportunity when he met a nail technician using an old belt driven drill and sanding bands to remove acrylic enhancements. After some conversation, he asked the woman if she would be willing to try his diamond bits. The diamond bits were a hit! And Edwin named the new product line after his daughter, Erica.

Our history


Erica receives her Bachelor’s in Business and Religion and her MBA at Anderson University. She returned home to use her education to add new growth to her father’s company, ATA. Her passion for education encouraged her to earn her nail license to better serve customers by understanding their wants and needs- turns out she really enjoys doing nails, too!

our history


Erica purchases the company and is eager to continue the family tradition! While holding onto the core value of quality, she looks to take on new endeavors.

our history


We continue to provide customers with the highest quality machines and bits at an affordable price. As a U.S. manufacturer, we have the opportunity to design and develop new and exciting tools regularly. We take pride in setting professionals up for success in the most efficient manner. Work smart, not hard!