Podoexpert Callus Softener

$30.00 USD

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FDA Cleared
Fragrance Free
Made in Germany

About the Product

Gently softens calluses and corns before exfoliation with an e-file or hand file, allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently! 100% vegan.

  • Makes calluses clearly visible, allowing them to be removed more easily
  • Significantly reduces the length of service

Available in 200 ml spray pump (83 complete applications).

MSDS Callus Softener

How To Use

Spray callused areas from a short distance (about 10 cm) and allow product to penetrate for up to 3 minutes before starting callus exfoliation. For stubborn cases, apply treatment a second time. Wipe off excess if needed.

Take your dry manicure skills to the next level!

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