As a nail tech you NEED to have a plan this Holiday season! Set yourself up for success with a healthy mentality and the right tools and techniques to breeze through each manicure service!

1. Know what artwork is trending Scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to see which holiday patterns and artwork you know your clients will request. Pick 4 designs and practice, practice, practice! Find shortcuts and perfect the designs in minimal time. Then showcase your art tips on your table as an...

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‘Tis the season for giving- but is it really? We live in a culture where strategic marketing companies have turned this festive time into a race for the best sales. And let's be honest, many of us have enough stuff. We just love the thrill of getting a great deal!...

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It’s hard to compete with wild glitter, new seasons’ colors, and all the bling that comes with the nail industry! As nail techs, and let’s be honest, humans in general - we are easily distracted by shiny things. In our salons especially, we see a rainbow of colors and sparkling...

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