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About the Product

The Ultimate Tool for Dry Manicures

Nail professionals, get ready to elevate your dry manicure game with the Diamond Micro Taper Bit, a tool that has quickly become a favorite among techs for its precision, versatility, and efficiency. Designed with a thin, tapered point, this bit is perfect for all your cuticle needs, from basic to detailed clean-up, ensuring that your manicures are nothing short of flawless.

Ideal for Dry Manicures

The Micro Taper Bit is specifically crafted for dry manicures, making it an essential tool for nail professionals who want to achieve beautiful results without using water. Dry manicures offer numerous benefits, including better adhesion of nail products and reduced hangnails. With the Micro Taper Bit, you can perform dry manicures with confidence, knowing that you have a tool designed to deliver exceptional nails.

Precision Cuticle Care

This bit excels in precision cuticle care, thanks to its thin, tapered point. Whether you’re performing a basic cuticle clean-up or tackling more detailed work, the Micro Taper Bit allows you to remove cuticle buildup and exfoliate the nail fold with ease. Its fine point ensures that you can reach smaller areas, providing a thorough and meticulous clean-up that enhances the overall appearance of the nails.

100% Diamond for Superior Performance

What sets the Micro Taper Bit apart is its 100% natural diamond tip. Unlike bits with fillers such as sand, stone, or glass, this bit is made entirely from natural diamond, guaranteeing superior quality and durability. The diamond tip maintains its sharpness and effectiveness over time, ensuring that you can rely on it for consistent, high-quality results. The durability of the diamond tip means that you can use the bit for 150-300 services without compromising on performance.

Safe and Efficient Tool

Safety is paramount in nail care, and the Micro Taper Bit is designed with this in mind. The rounded diamond tip provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation, reducing the risk of damage to the natural nail or surrounding skin. Its efficient design ensures that you can perform cuticle clean-up and exfoliation quickly and effectively, saving time while creating excellent results.

In a Nutshell...

The Diamond Micro Taper Bit is an absolute dream for nail professionals seeking precision, efficiency, and versatility in their cuticle care tools. Its thin, tapered point makes it perfect for both basic and detailed cuticle clean-up, while its 100% diamond tip ensures safe and efficient exfoliation of skin and cuticle buildup on the nail plate. Ideal for dry manicures, this bit offers superior performance and durability, making it a must-have addition to any nail tech's toolkit. Elevate your manicure services with the Diamond Micro Taper Bit and experience the difference it makes in achieving flawless, professional results.

How To Use

Use parallel to the nail plate to exfoliate and sweep away cuticle. Small, tapered point offers greater detailed cleaning around the proximal nail fold, sidewalls, and under the nail. 6,000-12,000 RPM

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