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100% Diamond
Made in USA
Good for: Average Cuticles
Sustainable Packaging

About the Product

Diamond Nib Bit: Precision and Perfection for Detailed Cuticle Work

Nail professionals, elevate your nail care routine with the Diamond Nib Bit, a precision tool designed for the most detailed and delicate cuticle work. This tiny but mighty bit is an essential addition to any nail professional’s toolkit, offering accuracy and control for precise cuticle exfoliation and enhancing the overall quality of your manicures.

Precision Cuticle Work

The Diamond Nib Bit excels in detailed cuticle work, making it ideal for opening the cuticle pocket and allowing you to tuck color further back onto the nail plate. This creates a more polished and professional look, giving your clients a longer-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing manicure. The tiny size of the nib allows for meticulous work in even the smallest areas, ensuring that every part of the cuticle is groomed.

Reducing and Polishing Hangnails

One of the key benefits of the Diamond Nib Bit is its ability to reduce dead skin cells and polish away hangnails in small, hard-to-reach areas around the nail plate. This precise exfoliation improves the appearance of the nails immediately after the service and for the weeks to come. By addressing these minor imperfections, you can provide a more thorough nail care service, leaving your clients with smooth and flawless nails.

Exfoliating Sidewalls

In addition to detailed cuticle work, the Diamond Nib Bit is also effective in exfoliating cured product from the sidewalls of the nail. This is particularly useful for removing any residual gel or polish that may have cured in these narrow areas. By ensuring that the sidewalls are clean and free of any leftover product, you can create a more uniform and polished look, enhancing the overall quality of your manicures and pedicures.

Advantages of Duo Packs

The Diamond Nib Bit comes in a convenient two-pack, providing you with an extra bit to ensure you always have a spare on hand. This is particularly beneficial for busy nail professionals who need to maintain a consistent workflow without interruption. The duo pack also offers great value, ensuring that you are well-equipped for all your detailed cuticle work needs.

Medium Grit for Exfoliation

Available in medium grit, the Diamond Nib Bit ensures effective exfoliation, making it ideal for detailed cuticle work. Whether you’re working on natural nails or nail enhancements, this bit provides the perfect balance of precision and power.

Made in the USA

Like all of Erica's ATA diamond bits, the Diamond Nib Bit is made in the USA with 100% natural diamond. This guarantees superior quality and durability, ensuring that your bit maintains its sharpness and effectiveness over time. Unlike bits with fillers such as sand, stone, or glass, the Diamond Nib Bit offers unmatched performance, making it a reliable choice for professional nail care.

In a Nutshell...

The Diamond Nib Bit is a must-have tool for any nail professional dedicated to achieving detailed cuticle care. Its tiny size and precise design make it ideal for opening the cuticle pocket, reducing skin cells, polishing away hangnails, and exfoliating sidewalls. Available in medium grit and coming in a convenient two-pack, this bit offers versatility, value, and superior performance. Made in the USA with 100% natural diamond, the Diamond Nib Bit promises durability and excellence, making it the perfect choice for detailed and meticulous nail work. Elevate your nail care services with the Diamond Nib Bit and experience the precision and perfection it brings to your craft.

How To Use

Gently lead with the cheek of the bit to exfoliate the proximal nail fold to create a cuticle pocket. This small size allows for even greater detailed cleaning! 6,000-10,000 RPM

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