Trio Dry Mani Kit

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Made in USA
Good for: Nail Prep
Sustainable Packaging
Nail Pro Favorite
NailPro 2021 Reader’s Choice Finalist
All Cuticle Types
100% Diamond

About the Product

Overgrown, basic & detailed cuticle work

Erica's top 3 bits to exfoliate a variety of cuticle types from thin, thick to average! Use the Sm Tapered Barrel for overgrown, thick cuticles and also nail prep. The Safety Sciver is ideal for basic/quick cuticle exfoliation. When the time comes where you want to do more detailed work, use the thin Micro Taper to reach smaller areas like the sidewalls!

  • Sm Tapered Barrel (medium)
  • Safety Sciver (medium)
  • Micro Taper (medium)
  • Slim Bit Case

How To Use

Use each bit parallel to the nail plate to exfoliate and sweep away cuticle at 5,000-15,000 RPM. For more detailed work or working in tight sidewalls, use the Micro Taper at 5,000-15,000 RPM. Bits can also be used to prep the nail plate for product application.

Demo Video

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