Luminary Pulse UV/LED Nail Lamp

$229.95 USD

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About the Product

Luminary's Exclusive Light Control Technology To Virtually Eliminate The Heat Spike! 🔥🚫

  • 36 Watt Ultra Cure
  • 0 and 60 Second 100% Power Settings
  • Auto “On” Sensor
  • 5 Finger Curing
  • Removable Magnetic Base Plate For Pedicures & Easy Cleaning
  • Disinfect-able
  • Dual Wavelength

*Disclaimer, While the Pulse greatly diminishes the heat "Spike" it does not eliminate the sensation of heat for all clients. Please note everyone has a different sensitivity level when it comes to heat while curing* 

How To Use

Follow product instructions to ensure proper curing.

About Luminary Nail Systems

Luminary Multi-Flex Gel is a soak-able soft gel with the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel that creates manicures that LAST. Ideal for growing out natural nails, Luminary's gel is a universal base that allows for techs to apply only one product to create a beautiful structured manicure, overlays, extensions, and gel manicures. Pure gel colors can be applied on top of the Multi-Flex Gel.

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