Omega 3.5

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About the Product

Perfect for those who need a fantastic and focused source of light they can move around, see the difference great lighting makes, especially when carrying out detailed work. If you’re prone to eyestrain, headaches and tired eyes from focusing your eyes for extended periods of time, the 5 dioptres (2.25X) magnification of the Omega 3.5 can help take off some of this pressure. Easy to assemble, simply clamp the lamp wherever needed.

  • 4 Brightness Levels
  • 6,000 Kelvin (no eye strain)
  • 7,000 Lux at 15 cm
  • 548 Lumens
  • Long reach arm with two flexible sections (arm length: 75cm)
  • Rotating head joint to allow accurate positioning
  • Carry Bag
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Free US Shipping

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