Nailz By Dev Y2k Bit Kit

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Good for: Product Removal
Good for: Nail Prep
Made in USA
Lefty Option

About the Product

This bundle includes Nailz by Dev's 5 FAVORITE E-FILE BITS! 💖💅🏼 

👋🏻BYE BYE BYE- A safety smooth top barrel for fast cutting, shaping, reducing length and removing product such as gel, rubber base and acrylic. The rounded smooth top allows you to file close to the cuticle safely. GRIT: MEDIUM

💣DA BOMB- Dev's FAVORITE cuticle removal bit, the Micro Taper! Has a thin, tapered top perfect for detailed cuticle work! GRIT: MEDIUM

💅🏼WORK IT!-A carbide barrel for finishing acrylic! GRIT: MEDIUM

💖HIT ME BABY- Rough carbide bit (T-Rex) for taking down product! (Acrylic, Gel X, Soft Gel) 

🧼SO FRESH SO CLEAN-  The Under Nail Cleaner carbide bit is used to clean the under the nail. The slender bit reaches tight, hard-to-clean spaces. This is the best bit to remove the natural nail under the nail enhancement.

Includes 5 bits in a slim bit case.


Take your dry manicure skills to the next level!

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