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100% Diamond
Made in USA
Good for: Average Cuticles
Sustainable Packaging

About the Product

Diamond Cylinder Bit: The Essential Tool for Perfecting Dry Manicures

Achieving a flawless dry manicure starts with the right preparation, and the Diamond Cylinder Bit is the ultimate tool for nail professionals looking to excel in their craft. Designed to exfoliate cuticles and the nail plate before product application, this bit ensures your clients receive the highest quality service every time. Made in the USA with 100% natural diamond (no fillers like sand, stone, or glass), this bit offers unmatched durability and precision. Available in a convenient 2-pack and featuring a standard shaft size of 3/32”, it’s a must-have for any nail technician's toolkit.

Exfoliate Cuticles and Nail Plate

The Diamond Cylinder Bit is specifically designed to exfoliate cuticles and the nail plate efficiently. Its medium grit ensures a thorough, yet gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin and preparing the nail surface for product application. This process is crucial for achieving a smooth, long-lasting finish and helps prevent lifting and other common issues associated with gel and acrylic nails.

Carve Out Thick or Overgrown Cuticles

Cuticles can sometimes become thick or overgrown, making it challenging to create a clean and polished look. The top edge of the Diamond Cylinder Bit is perfect for carving out these stubborn areas, allowing you to sculpt and shape the cuticle with precision. This not only enhances the overall appearance of the manicure but also ensures a more comfortable experience for your clients.

Prep the Nail Plate

Proper nail prep is essential for ensuring that gel and acrylic products adhere correctly and last longer. The Diamond Cylinder Bit excels at prepping the nail plate by removing the shine and roughing the surface. This step is vital for creating a textured base that allows products to bond more effectively, leading to a manicure that lasts longer and looks better.

Made in the USA with 100% Natural Diamond

Quality is paramount when it comes to professional nail tools, and the Diamond Cylinder Bit does not disappoint. Made in the USA with 100% natural diamond, this bit is free from fillers like sand, stone, or glass, ensuring maximum durability and performance. The use of natural diamond means the bit retains its sharpness and effectiveness over time, providing consistent results with every use.

Comes in a 2-Pack

Value and convenience are important for busy nail professionals, and the Diamond Cylinder Bit delivers both. It comes in a 2-pack, ensuring you always have a spare bit on hand when you need it. This is especially useful during busy periods or when one bit is being cleaned and sterilized, allowing you to continue working without interruption.

How To Use

Use parallel to the nail plate to exfoliate and sweep away cuticle. 6,000-12,000 RPM

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