Pedicure Carbide Tapered Barrel

$35.00 USD

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Made in USA
Sustainable Packaging
Lefty Option

About the Product

Quickly reduce callus 

Use the Pedicure Carbide Tapered Barrel to exfoliate and reduce thick callus! A carbide bit will remove callus more quickly than a diamond bit (and with less airborne debris)! Use a diamond pedicure bit afterwards to smooth the rough skin.

Standard shank size 3/32”

How To Use

Use with light pressure, moving the bit in one direction across the grain of the skin 20-25,000 RPM. Then follow up with an Erica's diamond pedicure bit to exfoliate and smooth the skin. To expedite the exfoliation process, spray Podoexpert Callus Softener on the bottom of the foot before e-filing.

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