Diamond Hand Files

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Nail Pro Favorite
100% Diamond
Made in USA
Sustainable Packaging

About the Product

Made with 100% Diamond

Erica's Diamond Hand Files help you achieve the perfect nail shape and finish. Made of high quality diamond, they're lightweight and file faster and smoother. Plus they last up to 500 services!

Perfect for salon use, nail DIYers, or as a gift! Hand files are plated with diamond on one side.

  • Coarse used for acrylic, hard gel or callus skin (100 grit)
  • Medium used for gel polish, soft gel, toe nails (180 grit)
  • Fine Pattern used for natural nails (240 grit)
  • Fine Smooth used for natural nails, thin or sensitive nails (240-300 grit)


Take your dry manicure skills to the next level!

Join us for an in-person class where you will get hands-on e-file experience, and one-on-one attention from our industry experts.