Carbide nail drill bits

In our Guide to Nail Drill Bits, we already covered a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and grits of nail drill bits, as well as a variety of purposes for the bits.

This blog post will focus on Carbide nail drill bits and answer your most frequently asked questions!

What are carbide nail drill bits used for?

Compared to diamond bits, which scratch products of the nail and exfoliate, a carbide nail bit has teeth or flutes and grits ranging from fine to extra coarse. Carbide bits are meant to scoop and remove products, so they are ideal for shaping nail enhancements and acrylic nail removal! The most popular carbide nail bit is Erica's Gel X for gel and acrylic removal.

What is the difference between carbide and ceramic nail bits?

Carbide bits are made out of carbide metal. They are not used on natural nails but are ideal for removing and shaping nail enhancements since they scoop away product more quickly than diamond bits. These tools should be used at a high RPM and are designed for one-direction use. Left-handed technicians should look for left-hand-specific carbide bits. 

Ceramic bits are nail drill bits coated in ceramics and have fluted teeth. They scoop away products in a similar style as carbide bits.

Can you use carbide bits on natural nails?

Carbide bits should not be used on natural nails. A carbide nail bit is an excellent tool for product removal, however, diamond bits are what you can use on natural nails. 

September 01, 2022 — Ricardo Nunez