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It’s hard to compete with wild glitter, new seasons’ colors, and all the bling that comes with the nail industry! As nail techs, and let’s be honest, humans in general - we are easily distracted by shiny things. In our salons especially, we see a rainbow of colors and sparkling stones - and we get excited! This excitement leads to a brain buzz of creative thoughts that will be carried over when we go to order new products. That’s why we’re overjoyed when nail mail arrives on our doorstep. These are the things that will bring our creativity to life and what helps our industry stay so fresh and innovative. The energy behind all the new-new, keeps us just as sparkly fresh as our nails! 

I like pretty things and pretty nails. I also know with every set comes the 2-4 week fill and required removal. While removing product isn’t as fun or creative- it’s a necessity. Product removal and prep can be a quick and smooth process and it starts with sharp tools and practiced techniques. Doing this in an efficient manner allows us to utilize more of the appointment for creativity. Our clients want unique, beautiful nails that actually last! So, let’s set ourselves up for success. 

If you use an e-file your bits need to be a top necessity. Sharp bits cut more quickly and uniformly which leads to a faster turnaround time- now that’s something to get excited about! Replacing old, used bits regularly is key to your client’s comfort and staying on track for the service time. Using quality products always sets yourself up for success. 

Here are a few pointers that prove our bits are worth more than we think.

  1. Efficient Cutting 

Replacing and rotating through multiple sets keeps bits sharp and working like they’re meant to! An old dull bit will still cut, but the quality and consistency of your work will suffer. It would be like trying to chop vegetables with a butter knife – what a waste of time and effort, right? Just like we would sharpen or replace a dull knife, we need to keep our nail toolbox sharp. Keep it filled with the right instruments to get the job done. 

  1. Reduce Heat

Dull bits don’t cut! Techs may begin applying too much pressure using dull bits which will cause major heat buildup because of all the friction! You know it’s not a win when clients have the expectation that beauty is pain.

  1. Client comfort  

Our clients are the reason we do what we do. Without their loyalty we have no work so we want them to be completely satisfied. That’s why even one little nip or cut might be annoying to them - I know it irks me as a tech. I get frustrated when I know I’m doing everything right and there’s still the tiniest tear of skin. While it does happen from time to time, it should be kept to a minimum. We can avoid this with fresh bits and the proper bits. There are such a variety of bit shapes and grits to choose from, just like the variety of nail plates that come to your desk. Don’t try to make left handed scissors work if you’re right handed- just use the correct tool and both you and your client will be much more comfortable. Clients shouldn’t feel a thing other than the excitement of their new set of nails being created. For many clients, getting their nails done is a treat so let’s keep it that way. 

  1. Quicker Client Turn Over

     Precision work is efficient work! We live in fast paced world where both our clients and our businesses are time sensitive. We’re all just trying to squeeze a little more into our day. Shaving off even a few minutes here and there add up quickly. Spending less time doing the same quality work, is putting time back on our clocks and another client in your chair. 

  1. More Money

Who doesn’t like getting a raise? We all have the ability to make that happen! First off, if we’re doing our work in less time - that’s like giving ourselves a raise right there. More than that, if our clients appreciate the comfort and timeliness of our service, we can make bigger tips or grow our customer base by referrals. Glitter and staying up with trends are important and keeps us current; it allows us to offer what customers want. However, the surefooted way to make more money is to continue improving our work. Becoming a master at what we do is going to boost our paychecks. Think about it, we pay more for designer shoes or purses, because they’re high quality, well made, and we trust in their value. Nails are the same! If we can increase the quality of our work, if we hone in on our skills, and if we truly master the small details, we will be giving an unparalleled service- and should charge accordingly! 

To all my nail sisters who use one bit to do everything and to all my nail sisters who have 3-year-old bits, this message is for you- throw that bad boy away and INVEST in tools that will take your work to the next level! I know you will be blown away. Our tools are so valuable because they have been created specifically for the nails YOU do. The nail industry is the heart of our business, and we will continue to provide only the best. ❤️

May 07, 2019 — Erica Schlabach


Linda said:

Erica, you are right!! I bit the bullet and bought most of your bits through my distributor. and there is such a big difference! Very little pressure and it all comes off. Next to the cheaper ones i can see the quality in yours compared to the other ones! I am definitely sold.

Pamela said:

I need a bit for removing polygel around the cuticle area and side wall, one for taking away the bulk and another for the cuticle last to go under the mail to remove extra gel without leaving speed bumps under the nail. Lol. I see lots but some are for dry manicure or for gels.

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