When it comes to nail care, it's not just for the ladies, men can enjoy well-groomed nails too! Here I'm going to share my expert tips from my YouTube video on the art of the 30-minute men's manicure using an e-file, focusing on efficiency and great results!

**1. Using the Big E (fine grit) for Cuticle Work** 

Here I use the Big E (fine) at 10,000 RPM to gently push back cuticles and buff the natural nail, resulting in a clean and smooth surface. Note that if you're applying product to the nail, you'll want to prep the nail plate with a medium grit Big E bit.

**2. E-File Direction Matters

One of my biggest time-saving techniques is really understanding how to use forward and reverse with your e-file. I start in the forward direction, moving towards the left side of the nail. I do this on all ten fingers THEN change the direction to reverse and move the bit towards the right side of the nail. This way you're using the bit against the grain of the skin, allowing you to lift the cuticle better and exfoliate more efficiently.

**3. Adapting Tools to Different Nail Shapes**

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all bit for cuticle. It depends on the client's nail shape, the desired look, and how much detail cleaning you plan on doing. But since this is a quick service, I'm only using the Big E bit for basic cuticle exfoliation!

**4. Applying Cuticle Oil and Polishing the Skin**💧

This is my favorite step! I'm using the Big E (very fine grit) to replace the Polisher bit for my last step. Coat the fingers in cuticle oil- my all time favorite cuticle oil is lunu-luxe, it's skin-loving ingredients are soaked up quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue. Use the bit at 13,000-20,000 RPM to soften the cuticles and work in the oil, going in various directions, staying on the skin and not filing on the nail plate.

I hope these key takeaways and insights will help you with not just men's manicures- but all quick manicure services- will help you achieve beautiful results in little time. Whether you're a nail professional or someone looking to up their nail game, working with Erica's diamond bits will help you achieve fantastic results in no time!

November 20, 2023 — Erica Schlabach