Get pedi ready

with our NEW diamond bits

Behind the design:

Lasts longer

Our new diamond plating process sets these pedicure bits apart, ensuring they last longer and work harder. On average these bits last 300 services- now that's a lot of action!

Faster callus reduction

Exceptional durability allow for even faster callus exfoliation! Provide clients with efficient pedicures, leaving their feet feeling smooth and rejuvenated!

Goodbye build up 👋

Our new design prevents debris from accumulating, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted performance. Work efficiently without interruption caused by "clogged" bits.

Pedi + Debulk Kit

Quickly reduce thick callus, cracked heels and thin down toenails with just these 3 bits! These bits can be used on dry skin or in combination with Podoexpert Callus Softener.

Pedi + Toes Kit

Erica's favorite 3 diamond bits for a basic dry pedicure to take care of cuticle, toenail and callus exfoliation. Best used on dry skin, so if your clients insist that they want to soak in water, we recommend soaking after using these bits.

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Easy Gel Toes + Cuticles

Safely use an e-file to remove cuticles on the feet. Removing this dead skin and roughing the surface of the nail allows for the BEST gel application possible!

Pedicures for the Unhoused Population

Nail professionals have the super power to TRANSFORM lives- especially for those who need basic foot care. We hope this empowers you with knowledge & techniques to serve others!

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5 Steps to Treat Cracks

Transform rough, callused heels into silky-smooth perfection in no time! Step into a world of comfort and confidence with Erica's dry pedicure techniques.

Ready to Level-Up?

Here at Erica's we're passionate about helping you increase your skills & develop your career! Whether you're new to the e-file or want to improve your technique, we have a class for you.