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For a perfect dry pedicure service! ūü¶∂

Erica's favorite 3 diamond bits for a basic pedicure that includes cuticle, toenail and callus exfoliation.


  • Pedicure Skin Bit (coarse)
  • Long & Lean (medium)
  • Unicorn (medium)
  • Slim Bit Case
  • ¬†

    The foot needs to be dry in order to use the bits (with the exception of spraying Podoexpert Shoe & Foot Deodorant or Callus Softener). Dry skin exfoliates best. If your clients insist that they want to soak in water, you can soak after using the bits. 

     Benefits of dry pedicures:


  • Better callus reduction and cuticle exfoliation - dry skin exfoliates¬†best
  • Longer wear of polish or gel polish - product adheres best to dry surfaces
  • Safer -¬†no exposure to waterborne pathogens or unsanitary tubs
  • ¬†


     100% Natural Diamond 100% Natural Diamond

     Made in USA-PEDICURE KIT Made in USA

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