Big News: We’re Shaking Up Nail Color for Artists!

Hey nail artists! We’ve been bursting to share this secret with you: We’re bringing bold colors to your world! Our team has carefully selected and curated education for two amazing gel lines: Kokoist Gel & Akzentz Luxio Gel!

Check out what makes these gels a game-changer:

  1. Top-notch Quality: Approved by Erica herself.
  2. Nail Color Education: Learn to use them like a pro.
  3. Easy to Use: Makes your job smoother and more fun.

How Color Transforms Nail Art

  • Express Yourself: Colors let you and your clients show off unique personalities. We’ve got color personalities to spark your creativity and tips on the latest nail colors and artwork.
  • Skin Tone Magic: Colors pop differently on every skin tone. We’re here to chat about all skin tones and help you pick the perfect gels for everyone, from light to dark!
  • Color Stories: Colors tell stories and bring out emotions. Think sunsets, flowers, and the ocean – all inspiring nail art and global color trends! Let’s take that inspiration and rock it in our wardrobes, homes, and on our nails to create stories that show off what we love!

Erica’s May + June Color Vibe

We’re making your life easier with 6 hot color picks every month, aligned with the latest nail and beauty trends. Here’s what they do:

  • Trend Alert: Keep you on top of nail industry trends with must-have colors.
  • Art Inspiration: Fresh ideas for your next nail art masterpiece.
  • Unique Personalities: Fun ways to connect with your clients through color.

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    Meet May’s Color Personality

    She’s an early bird who kicks off her day with black coffee (heavy on the cream) and a good stretch by the sunniest window. She’s all about the farmers market in her cut-off denim shorts, pink tank top, and white sneakers. On the hunt for whimsical pale yellow flowers (no roses, please!). Every spring, she treats herself to a local grapefruit peel & lemongrass candle. She loves a pool day, even if the water’s still chilly, with her lime floaty, neon purple swimsuit, and a spritz of bergamot & thyme perfume. Sweet and spicy, she’s a burger with bacon and a raspberry popsicle in champagne kind of girl.

    We’re pumped to give nail artists a colorful toolkit, easing the stress of keeping up with nail color trends and art. Let us handle the legwork so you can give your clients the ultimate vibe check. We’ve got your back!

    Dive into May + June Nail Color Trends Now!

    May 10, 2024 — Erica Schlabach