Diamond nail drill bits

In our Guide to Nail Drill Bits, we already covered a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and grits of nail drill bits, as well as a variety of purposes for the bits.

This blog post will focus on Diamond nail drill bits and answer your most frequently asked questions!

Are diamond nail drill bits good?

Diamond bits are made of diamonds and work by scratching or exfoliating the product or skin. They are very durable and ideal for dry manicure cuticle work. Many companies may call their bits' diamond'; however, their products are actually made with glass, crystal, or other synthetic materials. Erica's diamond bits are made with 100% natural diamond for better and longer-lasting use.

What are the different drill bits for a nail drill?

Here is an Overview of Nail Drill Bits for you!

How do you use a diamond nail drill bit?

We have a tutorial on YouTube E-file Do's and Don'ts | Learn to E-file, explaining what you need to know to start efiling.

What type of drill bit is best for gel nails?

We recommend our Gel Polish Removal Kit to cover your every need when it comes to removing gel polish.

If you want to learn more about gel removal, we have a Youtube video that covers the entire process.

August 30, 2022 — Ricardo Nunez