Inner Beauty Growth, an all-new online education and coaching program is now available. IBG (Inner Beauty Growth) was created to transform the lives, and businesses of beauty professionals by offering certifications and coaching for emotional wellness. Through online video modules, and coaching sessions, IBG equips professionals with actionable principles to stop grinding, and start thriving in their everyday lives. 

Erica Schlabach, Owner of Erica’s ATA and IBG Creator, saw the need for personal and professional development among beauty professionals that reaches beyond the typical technique training. While conducting training workshops around the country with Erica’s ATA, a nail tool manufacturing company with 30+ years of experience in the industry, Schlabach identified the need, formed the idea for IBG and took action. 

“When you’re willing to do the hard work and evolve your whole self, everyone around you is elevated. You can make a generational impact,” Schlabach said.

IBG will guide beauty professionals to reconnect with their whole self, bringing balance to both their work and personal lives. Ultimately, this transformation will increase job satisfaction, as well as profit. 

The IBG curriculum development was led by a trained and certified social worker, Kate Habegger, who has ten years of experience working at a mental health agency. Habegger is well-versed in developing teams, improving team culture, and overall communication strategies. 

IBG’s engaging and interactive online modules deliver the information at a pace and schedule convenient for the beauty professional. Certifications are available for those who complete course bundles. For more information, visit www.innerbeautygrowth or contact Kate Habegger at

September 21, 2021 — Erica Schlabach


Brionna Moore said:

Thanks for sharing this post! Nail professionals take on so many hats when dealing with clients and I think a program like this would help us all be better professionals behind the chair and also help us focus in our daily tasks at home. Something I do to help me with my overall emotional wellness is make sure I build vacations into my schedules even if I don’t have anything planned. mental days are such a necessity and a lot of the times we don’t even know how much we really need it. I really love how you provide us nail professionals with all the right tools and education we need to grow even more in the industry, keep motivating us Erica we love it!

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