Nail Tech Classes Q&A: 3 Questions and Answers

Imagine - You’re a nail tech who’s just starting your career and have no direction, or you’re looking to improve your skill set, yet have limited options for education. We’re here to tell you that you can find exactly what you’re looking for at one of our classes. 

All of our manicure and pedicure classes are in-person because we want to provide all of our students with the best education and experience. We want to ensure that you walk out of our classes feeling ready to take on anything that comes across your path, and to be able to provide exceptional services to your clients. 

Still deciding on whether or not our classes are for you? We compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions that will help you make a decision within minutes. Here are three questions (and answers) about our classes for nail techs:

  • What to expect?
  • Why are they beneficial?
  • Where is Erica going?

#1: What to Expect?

We’re not here to only teach you, but to also be a mentor, a leader, and most importantly, a friend. With over a decade of experience as a nail tech, educator and entrepreneur, we understand what it takes to please your clients and provide services that don’t compare to anywhere else in your area. 

Our students in the past have shown improvement literally the SECOND they returned back to their salons - We want that to be you, too! With our in-person classes, the experience is very hands-on and inclusive so you can apply what you’ve learned and receive feedback on how to continue getting better. 

Consider this as a chance to learn, make friends, and have the time of your life! This unique education opportunity will be something that you’ll never forget, and you’ll walk away with an abundance of knowledge. 

#2: Why Are They Beneficial?

We want you to learn new skills and techniques while also having fun! You’ll be able to connect with fellow nail techs, learn time saving techniques, and receive hands-on training. Depending on which nail class you take, you may learn how to operate an e-file, perform detailed cuticle work, remove product and product lifting, perform a basic pedicure, correct ingrown nails, and so much more!

A few classes that we provide include:

  • E-File 101
  • High-End Cuticle Certification 
  • E-File Dry Pedicure Certification
  • Onyfix Nail Correction Certification 

You’ll also receive a bit kit specific to the class you take, making it so much easier to implement what you’ve learned back at your salon. In addition to that, you’ll receive a printed certification that you can use to prove your credibility in the nail tech industry, which will help your business stand out from competition. 

#3: Where is Erica Going?

If you haven’t had a chance to take one of our classes yet, that’s okay! Here is where we plan on visiting for the remainder of 2023:

  • August: Sunbury, OH
  • September: Salt Lake City, UT
  • October: Boston, MA and Rhode Island
  • November: Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Montreal)

  • Interested in any of the locations listed above? Sign up on our website here. If you've already attended a class, we'd love to hear what you thought about it on Google Reviews!

    If you’re not seeing your area on the list, we’d absolutely LOVE to visit there eventually! Rally up a group of nail techs near you, and inquire with

    Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see what it’s like taking a class and how it’s impact past students. We hope to see you sometime soon!
    July 10, 2023 — Erica Schlabach

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