Hilary Dawn Herrera fills us in on the differences among nail bits and what to look for when shopping for them. She also shares some great do’s and don’ts and techniques that are part of the education she teaches all over the world as an Erica’s ATA educator.

The variety of bits available can be overwhelming. Myself and Erica’s ATA want to make this easier for you. Basic bit breakdown is carbide vs diamond bits. We also have sanding bands that are disposable and fit on a mandrel bit (my fav is Erica’s adjustable mandrel with the zebra sanding bands in medium grit).

Diamond bit next to carbide bit

Carbide bits have teeth, or flutes, and vary in grit from fine to extra extra coarse. Carbides are meant to scoop and remove so they are ideal on top of product to refine and shape. Some of these are specialty carbides like the T-rex bit which was developed to help you speed up you full soft gel tip repeat services but also protect the integrity of the natural nail.

Carbide bits are sold separately for right and left handed techs, be sure you are using a lefty bit and running your efiling in reverse if you are left handed. You will find those lefty options on each bit on the webpage, or right here!

Diamond bits are plated with real diamond dust, 100% diamonds when it comes to Erica’s ATA, work for right and left handed techs alike, and the same bit can be used in both forward and reverse directions on your efile.

Diamond bits exfoliate and give texture where needed. Some lower end diamond bits add sand or ground up glass to the diamond dust which dulls faster than 100% diamond so purchasing from Erica’s ATA can prevent undue damage to the nails.

When bits dull, techs tend to try and stretch more life out of them and sometimes end up putting undue pressure into the nail plate or even angle into the nail plate instead of purchasing new sharp bits.

Keep in mind that your product you produce can only be as good as the quality of the tools you use to create it. Also, make it a goal to build up multiple sets of bits so you have the proper time for disinfection.

Check out my other blog, Efiles with HDH, where I share my top tips for efiling!

Beginners and advanced nail techs alike benefit from continued education as the technology behind efiles and bits is constantly improving and providing us with better tools in our career.

If you are intimidated by efiling look into our Erica’s ATA education. I always say practicing on yourself helps you know how everything feels to your client and can give confidence in efiling. We guide you through this in our workshops. I invite you to step further into efiling knowing you are going to be easier on your own body & receive elevated results. I am here cheering you on!

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June 21, 2022 — Hilary Dawn Herrera