Erica's ATA Services


If your electric file is shorting out, running hot, slowing down, or a bit has broken off inside your hand piece- we can service it!

Service is contingent on the owner’s use, product and care. No RMA is necessary when sending in services. Turnaround varies on service volume. Services are usually repaired in 5-8 business days but this timeframe is not guaranteed. 

Please note this time frame is not guaranteed. We can only service the following models: MT20 hand piece and T-300 hand piece and controller.

If you need service on the Journey 30K, please click the button below.

We do not service competitor electric files nor electric files from 2002 and prior.

Print and ship the Service Form with your e-file. Remember to properly pad your e-file when packaging.

Erica’s ATA
3880 Blue Church Rd.
Sunbury, OH 43074


Service and cleaning begin at $50. Services under $100 we will be repaired without authorization. If the service is over $100 a team member will contact you to go over the diagnosis before repair. 

Erica’s ATA LLC is not liable for electric files that have not been collected, unclaimed, or are unpaid for after 60 days.

Erica’s ATA, LLC is not responsible for transit delays or missing packages.