Toss the home-made coupon book this Mother's Day and give her something that doesn't just look nice- but makes her feel wonderful, graceful, and full of beauty.

Can a dry manicure actually do that? You bet.

You've totally been there. Where one minute hangnails are peeling down the sides of your fingertips, accompanied by 3.5 broken nails, and regrowth a mile long.

Then 90 minutes later, your nails are the same color, the same length, your cuticles are hydrated and you feel... flawless.

So I 100% agree that a manicure can empower a woman and what better time to do that than leading up to Mother's Day and taking care of all those strong, supportive women in your life?

I'm going to share how you can confidently exfoliate and groom different types of cuticle! Let's begin!


Thick / Overgrown Cuticle

  1. Gently push back cuticle but don't force it if the cuticle is super stiff!
  2. Use a diamond bit with a flat top edge like the Cylinder or Sm Tapered Barrel to exfoliate the skin that's on the nail plate. Use at a higher RPM.
  3. Then choose a sphere-like diamond bit like the Droplet or Refine Ball to exfoliate the cuticle that's been lifted up and off the nail plate.
  4. After you apply your product or polish - turn up your e-file up to 20,000 RPM and use the Polisher bit and cuticle oil to hydrate the skin as your very last step!

Watch a demo here!

Thin Cuticle

  1. Use a Sm Tapered Barrel in fine grit to gently exfoliate the cuticle. Run at a lower speed ~6,000 RPM.
  2. Use the Refine Ball in fine grit to soften the edges and exfoliate even more. Do not use on the nail plate.
  3. After you apply your product or polish, use the Polisher bit and cuticle oil all over the skin to hydrate and eliminate hangnails!

Watch a demo here!

Average Cuticle

  1. Gently push back the cuticle with the Boss Lady Safety Pusher
  2. Use the Safety Sciver (round top) or Micro Taper (tapered top) diamond bits to exfoliate the cuticle and redefine the shape of the proximal nail fold. Turn the e-file in REV and work towards the right side of the nail. Do this on all fingers then switch to FWD direction and work towards the left side of the nail.
  3. Grab a flame-shape bit like the Nib or Russian Flame for more detailed cleaning in tight places and to open the cuticle pocket.
  4. As always- finish the service with the Polisher bit and cuticle oil as your last step! 🙌


Watch a demo here!

May 05, 2022 — Erica Schlabach