As a nail artist, you know the benefits of a dry manicure and how much value it adds to your clients' nails. Every manicurist raves about how a dry manicure does wonders, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Some clients may have never heard of the term before, and the idea of keeping their nails dry may seem weird. This is where you come in! As a professional nail artist, it's your job to educate and ease your clients into the world of dry manicures.

Educate Your Clients: As a client, we all like to know what we're buying. For manicures, educate your clients on the different types of manicures, and why a dry manicure is beneficial. Explain to them that the dry process involves no water and exfoliation of the cuticles with diamond nail bits. Dry manicures reduce the chances of peeling, chipping, and hangnails.

Discuss Nail Health: A great way to introduce dry manicures is by discussing nail health. Most people love taking care of their skin, so why not their nails? Discussing the benefits of a dry manicure on nail health and the lasting effects on the nail's appearance can make a client opt for this method instead of traditional wet manicures. The benefits of dry manicures include longer lasting nails and reduced hangnails and peeling. Another key factor in keeping nails healthy is using cuticle oil daily (we love lunu-luxe oil)!

Explain What to Expect: Now that your clients know what a dry manicure is and how it works, explain to them what they can expect during the session. This should include showing them the tools and products you'll be using, a demonstration on the process, and how it differs from a traditional wet manicure. Offer to run the diamond nail bit on the palm of their hand to show them how gentle the tools are.

Highlight the Benefits: It's essential to emphasize the benefits of a dry manicure. By highlighting how it's more hygienic, saves time, makes manicures last longer, and is better for nail health, your clients will be excited to try it out. Also, you can share before and after pictures and testimonials from satisfied clients who opted for a dry manicure and how their nails have improved in appearance and health.

Introducing dry manicures to clients who have never had one before requires patience, understanding, and knowledge. By educating your clients and showing them the process, the benefits, and why it's better for their nails, you can ease them into trying out the dry manicure. The more you educate and introduce them to this method, the more confident they'll become in opting for a dry manicure. So, let's get started on bringing dry manicures to the forefront of the nail industry!

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August 24, 2023 — Erica Schlabach

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