Listen here for Hilary Dawn Herrera's class from Premiere Orlando 2021. 

Hilary Dawn Herrera is an Educator for Erica’s ATA; below is an outline.

It’s important to talk about our pain points because all too often, there are small shifts you can make that will help you greatly. One of the ways you can do this is to evaluate and figure out how you can increase your speed. 

It’s not about wearing you out.

It’s not about racing the clock

It IS about using the right tools to do the work for you that saves you 10-15 minutes per client. 

It IS about raising prices to match your value. 


Ways To Increase Speed

Replace your bits every quarter.

-Check all of your bits and tools you’re using to make sure they are sharp.

-It helps you to not cause inquiry to you or your clients.

-It helps your body not hurt.

-It keeps your service speed up.


How do you check if your bits are dull? 

-Take a pass with one of your questionable, older bits. 

-Pull a new bit out and see how many passes it takes you to do what you just did. 


Your back-ups should be your NEW bits. Throw away your old bits. 


Do not over prep the nail. 

Use a base with a little more significance so you can E-file off the color, just like you do when you fill. 


Cut down your prep time to 4 minutes. 

You should be able to take off all the color off of the nails, shorten them, and get the nails ready for new growth within this time frame. 


Use the Rock & Roll method.

-Focus on Zone 1, 2 and 3 of my bit. Zone 1 is the top of the bit, Zone 2 is the the body and Zone 3 is the bottom part.

-Rock the bit across and it pick up. 

-Use at the highest speed of your E-file. 


Use the Dragging Method.

-Great with really long nails.

-Start at the nail's Zone 1 and drag to Zone 2, then to Zone 3. 

-Use at the highest speed of your E-file. 

-Encourage the client to sit up straight with their shoulders down. 


Use the right bit for the job! Bigger job, bigger bit. 

Use a variety of bits. You want to have multiple ones for different jobs you need to do.

Buy multiple sets of bits! This saves you time from disinfecting in between clients. You need as many sets as you have clients you see within a day. The bits will wear more evenly, so you don’t have to replace them as much.


Visualize your steps and process.

Visualize how long it’s going to take you to remove product and when you do, move onto your next step and you will be faster. This helps calm you before clients and helps you to be more prepared.

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    Safety Smooth Top Carbide (medium)
    HDH Kit


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    November 09, 2021 — Erica Schlabach