Gel Tip Kit

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Good for: Product Removal
Good for: Nail Prep
Made in USA

About the Product

Take a BITE out of your service time! The T-Rex carbide is designed soft gel tip fills, rebalance, removal and shortening. Examples of soft gel tips are Apres Gel-X and KOKOIST Gelip tips. For right hand use only.


  • T-Rex carbide
  • Adjustable Mandrel
  • Micro Taper (medium)
  • Polisher (very fine)
  • Slim Bit Case

How To Use

Remove the majority of gel polish with the T-Rex bit 18,000-25,000+ RPM. Then use the Adjustable Mandrel with sanding bands (not included) to remove remaining color and/or lifting, and to prep the nail. Then exfoliate cuticles with the Micro Taper bit 6,000-12,000 RPM. At the very end of the service (after top coat has been cured) apply cuticle oil and use the Polisher bit all over the skin 20,000 RPM.

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