If you're a nail technician, you know how important it is to continually expand your skills and knowledge. While nail school provides the fundamentals, there's still so much more to learn once you start working in a real-world setting. That's where specialized continuing education comes in - and Erica's ATA offers the best nail training available.

Here are three key reasons nail techs should take classes with Erica's ATA

  1. Learn proper e-file techniques
  2. Master the dry pedicure
  3. Practice advanced skills without risk

  • Learn proper e-file techniques
  • Many nail schools provide only basic instruction on using an e-file. But there are numerous advanced techniques that allow you to work faster while keeping the natural nail safe. Erica's ATA classes will teach you proper bit selection, filing angles, how to avoid overheating, and more. You'll gain the expertise needed to maximize this important tool.

  • Master the dry pedicure
  • The dry pedicure is a newer service that helps you stand out from competitors. It provides a spa-like experience without the mess of regular pedicures. But there are specific methods involved to do it properly. Erica’s ATA classes demonstrate how to expertly file calluses, trim and clean toenails, and more. You'll be able to offer this in-demand pampering pedicure with confidence.

  • Practice advanced skills without risk
  • Once you have the basics down, the only way to improve is practice. But trying these new skills on actual clients during a normal appointment can be stressful. In Erica's ATA classes, you will try new techniques on models to hone your skills. You'll be able to perfect challenging methods like detailed cuticle prep and efficient product removal. 

    Where are we going next? 

    We hope to see ALL of you at an upcoming class! Check out the list below and see if we’ll be near you:

    • New York City, New York: High-End Cuticle Certification (March 3)
    • New York City, New York: Dry Pedicure + Onyfix (March 4)
    • Columbus, Ohio: E-file 101 (April 15)
    • Columbus, Ohio: High-End Cuticle Certification (April 16)
    • Northern Utah: Erica’s E-file Dry Mani + HDH Structured Gel Mani/Overlay Double Certification (April 18)
    • Orlando, Florida: Master Education Training (May 31)
    • Phoenix, Arizona: High-End Cuticle Certification (August 24)
    • Eagle Mountain, Utah: Master Education Training (September 18)
    • Nashville, Tennessee: E-file 101 (October 19)
    • Nashville, Tennessee: High-End Cuticle Certification (October 20)
    • Nashville, Tennessee: Dry Pedicure + Onyfix (October 21)
    • Southern California: Erica’s E-file Dry Mani + HDH Structured Gel Mani/Overlay Double Certification (October 24)
    • Columbus, Ohio: Erica’s E-file Dry Mani + HDH Structured Gel Mani/Overlay Double Certification (November 14)

    Register now!

    Erica's ATA has a stellar reputation for high-quality nail training that is engaging and informative. The intimate class sizes ensure personalized attention so you can ask questions and get coaching tailored to your specific needs. Invest in yourself by signing up for a class - your skills and client satisfaction will reach exciting new levels.

    Hear from one of our students

    “If you are thinking about taking a class with Erica’s, do it! I took both her Dry Mani and her Dry Pedi/Onyfix classes in Columbus and it was an amazing experience from start to finish! Erica is an enthusiastic educator who’s teaching style is just as lively as her personality! It’s also worth mentioning that Erica’s team are also just as amazing!” 

    ~ Alexandra

    February 27, 2024 — April Forrest

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