We often contribute overall foot pain and issues to physical reasons but have you ever considered this may be due to stress? 

Our body responds to stress in various ways and it is important for us to not only put our physical health at the forefront but also our emotional health as well. When your body is stressed, it can pump more blood to your main organs instead of to your feet or ankles due to the adrenaline your body is experiencing. This can cause discomfort, numbness or tingling. 

Everyone is different so even if someone is dealing with a stress-inducing situation, this doesn’t mean we will have the same physical or emotional issues but our bodies will react in some way. The important takeaway is that we start to recognize stress earlier so we can manage it in an effective way before it starts to impact our physical body. Here are some tips to better manage stress on a daily basis:

Make Time Consistently To Recharge

Things like a massage or a pedicure can seem like a luxury but we know it’s not! It’s PREVENTION! Schedule ahead for these types of services, just like you encourage your clients to do. Practice what you preach!

Rely On Positive Outlets

There are lots of unhealthy sources to temporarily relieve stress like eating unhealthy food, alcohol, smoking, and engaging in damaging behaviors. Set yourself up for success by having positive outlets ready such as exercise, healthy snacks and breathing/meditation apps downloaded. The more you practice these, it will become your go-to rather than the unhealthy sources. 

Use The 10-Second Pause

When something makes you upset or angry, don’t rush to react. Walk away or if you can’t, just mentally count to 10 in your head before responding. It is better to take a moment to gather your thoughts instead of reacting out of emotion. 

Lean Into Your Emotions

Don’t dismiss or ignore them; let yourself feel it. Our initial reaction when an upsetting emotion happens within us is to push it aside. If we took the time to process through the emotion upfront, we actually save time in the long run. 

When you don’t follow physical therapy exactly as you should, your body cannot completely heal until you follow the steps needed. The same is true with your emotional health. Emotions can be trapped in our bodies and if we don’t fully process and deal with them, it can come out in our bodies like foot pain. 

Don’t let stress or unresolved emotions hold you back from your best self! Take care of your heart, body and mind so that you can deliver the best service to your clients and go home and serve your family well! 

April 19, 2021 — Erica Schlabach