Never tried or heard of Podoexpert?

Trust me, you AND your clients need it. Let me share WHY you want these amazing products for all your pedicure services.

You are getting quality! These products were designed by podiatrists, dermatologists, and other related-industry specialists. 


Scientifically proven to work. These products are FDA cleared and a Class One Medical Device in some countries. BarrioExpert LIPOSkin Repair Technology was developed on the basis of BarrioExpert Technology and its familiar benefits. The structural characteristics of the skin-related lipids in these products are similar to the lipids that occur naturally in the skin.


Clients see results within 4 weeks. Clients don’t have to wait forever but see it working quickly.


It is safe for anyone to use. They can be used for PREVENTION and/or REPAIR.


YOU can sell it to your clients and MAKE MONEY.  Increase your daily profit and offer products for at-home care and maintenance. 

Erica's Dry Pedi Steps

1. Spray feet and shoes with Podoexpert Shoe & Foot Deodorant. Allow to dry.

2. Spray bottoms of the feet with Podoexpert Callus Softener and rub in. Allow 2-3 minutes to dry. Do not wipe off.

3. Reduce callus with Pedi Skin Bit and clean up cuticle with Long & Lean and Unicorn bits.

4. Massage feet with walnut size amount of Podoexpert Dry to Cracked Skin Mousse with urea. This non-greasy, breathable formula is safe to use between the toes!



April 06, 2021 — Erica Schlabach