Interested in going portable with an electric file? We can help! With nearly 30 years specialized in electric nail filing, here are our top points to consider!

Portable Pros

-Complete freedom to move around the salon and e-file at any station

-No power? No problem! Work up to 20 hours w/ this one here!

-Small compact size makes it easy to pack and travel with

-Smaller size allows for more table space

-Clip on controller allows for convenience when doing pedicures

-Beautifies your desk with less power cords


    Success For Going Portable

    -Have the controller clipped to you, in a pocket or on a desk. Do not put it on your lap. Lots of e-files are dropped because we quickly stand up. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened with my phone!

    -Charge your e-file at lunch time and that’s it! Leaving the controller on the charger for long periods of time- like overnight or through the weekend- is the WORST thing you can do for its longevity. It could also be a fire hazard. Also, know whether or not you can operate the e-file while it's charging.

    -You may have to increase your RPMs as your controller battery gets lower.

    -Have a second e-file to avoid the frustration and frazzled-ness when an accident happens. We don’t realize how much we rely on our e-file until we are without it! Having a backup e-file increases your productivity and eliminates having to reschedule clients if your e-file isn’t working. Our best advice is to have a desktop electric file as your main unit and a portable e-file as a backup for your convenience.

    We totally love having portable options! Here's our favorite portable e-file, the Medicool Pro Power 35K Portable.

    November 27, 2019 — Erica Schlabach