Ceramic nail drill bits

In our Guide to Nail Drill Bits, we already covered a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and grits of nail drill bits, as well as a variety of purposes for the bits.

This blog post will focus on Ceramic nail drill bits and answer your most frequently asked questions!

What are ceramic nail drill bits used for?

There are a huge variety of different ceramic nail drill bits for different purposes. They are used for the same things as carbide and diamond nail drill bits, the difference being that carbide nail drill bits are not used on natural nails.

Are ceramic nail bits better?

Ceramic bits are nail drill bits coated in ceramics and have fluted teeth. They scoop away products in a similar style as carbide bits but are known for generating only a little heat compared to other nail drill bits materials.

Can you use ceramic drill bits on natural nails?

You can use fine ceramic nail drill bits on natural nails. However, more aggressive variants such as coarse ceramic nail bits should not be used on the natural nail.

What drill bit do you use for acrylic nails?

We suggest you use our Gel X specialty carbide bit to remove acrylic nails! We call this our go-to removal bit as it is one of the most popular bits for product removal! The unique cutting flutes remove gel polish quickly without damaging the hard gel or acrylic underneath. You can use it for enhancements and structure manicures. Use the Acrylic Shaper nail bit for smoothing and sealing the acrylic once you apply it.

September 05, 2022 — Ricardo Nunez