20 Items That You Need for Your Next Mobile Pedicure

If you’re looking to provide mobile pedicures, it’s important that you bring all of the needed supplies. Whether you’re providing foot care services to those in need, considering starting a mobile salon, or wanting to perform pedicures while traveling, having the right supplies on hand can truly make a difference. 

We have experience providing pedicure services to the homeless population at the Columbus Dream Center, and are ready to share with you our favorite packing tips for mobile pedicures. 

What are Mobile Pedicures?

Mobile pedicures are exactly what they sound like, it’s any pedicure on the go. This is a great option if you’re considering starting your own mobile nail salon business or are providing services to your local community. 

What to Pack for Mobile Pedicures?

If you decide to provide mobile foot care services, that means all of your supplies need to be on hand at all times. By following the list below, you’ll be prepared for your next mobile pedicure. 


  • Organization Tray

It’s important to have an organization tray on hand that way you know where all of your tools and implements are located. A few tools and implements that we recommend having in your tray include: 


  • Podoexpert

The entire Podoexpert line is an essential for any kind of pedicure and you’ll be prepared for any situation. Whether your client has thick calluses, dry/sensitive skin, etc., you’ll have what you need to deal with any type of foot concerns. 

One of our tips for packing your Podoexpert is to line it up in the order that you’re going to use it in. The quicker that you can grab your needed items, the quicker the service. 


  • Oil

To finish the top part of your mobile pedicure cart, you’re going to want to include your oil. This includes different types of oils such as cuticle oil or glide oil. Cuticle oils are necessary for hydrating the cuticles and Erica's glide oil can assist in smooth down a thick toenail with a diamond nail bit.


  • Bucket for Dirty Tools

To start off the second row of your cart, you’ll need a bucket or tray to store all of your dirty tools. This keeps the dirty tools away from the clean tools and makes it easy to disinfect your tools once you return back home or to your salon. 


  • Plastic Tray

A plastic tray will help you stay organized while performing your pedicure services. Depending on what kind of foot care you’re providing, you can place your needed tools on this tray that way you know where they are and can easily access them. 


  • Electric Nail File

There’s no such thing as a pedicure service without your electric nail file. This is an essential for any kind of nail prep, callus/corn removal, and more. Always triple check to make sure that you have your electric nail file on your cart- and that it's charged!


  • Scrubs

You won’t necessarily have to pack scrubs onto your cart; however, we highly recommend wearing them during the pedicure services. Scrubs are comfortable and allow for more mobility, and typically have pockets where you can store your electric nail file and other tools for convenience.


  • Sanding Bands

The first item that you’ll want to bring on the third tier of your cart are sanding bands. These will help reduce thickness and remove product. 


  • Q-Tips

We recommend packing q-tips if you plan on doing any Onyfix applications. Although they may not be needed, it’s important to be prepared. 


  • Lint-Free Wipes/ Nylon Brush and Alcohol

This allows you to remove debris without needing water. This is especially useful after exfoliating or thinning down toenails. 


  • Onyfix

Onyfix will be helpful if any of your clients have involuted or ingrown toenails. By doing an Onyfix application, you’ll be able to help the toenail return to its normal shape. 


  • Cleaning and Disinfection Products

A few cleaning and disinfection products that we recommend packing for your mobile pedicure include:

  • Masks
  • Plastic gloves
  • Puppy pads 
  • Shop towels
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Pampered perch
  • Safety glasses
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Lucascide RTU (60 sec kill)
  • Spray bottle with warm, soapy water


  • First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, so it’s important to be prepared for any possible situation. By having a first aid kit, you can ensure that you can quickly treat minor injuries. 


  • Trash Can

This one is pretty obvious - you’ll need somewhere to toss out all of your trash. Make sure to bring a few additional liners in case you go through them quickly. 


  • Power Strip and Extension Cord

Whether you need power to operate a tool or are looking to charge one of your items, the power strip and extension cord will allow you to do so without needing to find a new location near a power outlet. 


  • Chair 

Ensure that you bring a comfortable chair for yourself that also allows for some mobility. We recommend using the pedicure chair that you use when working at home or your salon. 


  • Anti-Gravity Chair

Your clients will need somewhere to sit, too. In our experience, we’ve noticed that anti-gravity chairs are comfortable for the client and create for an overall great experience. This also helps you lift the feet up, making it easier to perform the pedicure. 


  • Media Release Form and Clipboard

If you’re looking to post your work online, it’s important that you gain consent from your clients. To ensure that all of our content is safe to post on our social media channels, we like to bring media release forms to gather signatures and have proof of consent. 


  • Second Pair of Clothing 

Although this may not be needed, it’s good to have a second pair of clothing that you can change into after your services. You can then throw your dirty clothes into a bag to avoid any further contamination. 


Mobile pedicures are such a rewarding service that allows you to serve a wide range of clients, including those who are in need. If you’re looking to help out your local community or simply starting your own mobile practice, we highly recommend following the list to be prepared for any situation. 

Check out our YouTube video to learn more about our experience with mobile pedicures!

June 27, 2023 — Erica Schlabach