Portable Luxury


The Micro BP electric file is the best of two worlds- giving you the option to go portable with the popular Erica’s MT-20 hand piece. This lightweight hand piece is slim and fits perfectly in your hand. The weight is distributed evenly so the back end of the hand piece will not strain your wrist. The smart micro motor design is the only hand piece with the perfect balance of RPM and TORQUE. Therefore, the hand piece will never bog down and it will maintain its set RPM when pressure is applied.


RPM = speed

Torque = power


The MT-20 hand piece has high torque which also allows you to file at low speeds without bogging down. The quick, twist lock chuck makes changing bits easy and ensures that bits are safely locked into place while filing.

The Micro BP compact controller clips conveniently to a smock or pants to allow you to move freely without being confined to cords and outlets. Ideal for technicians on the go and foot care specialists. Now nothing can hold you back!

Controller Warranty

Battery Pack Warranty

We offer 6-month manufacturer's defects on the battery pack of this unit. Does not cover operator error. 

Hand Piece Warranty

Hand Piece Warranty

We offer 1-year manufacturer's defects on the hand piece of this unit. Does not cover operator error.

Rapid Service

Rapid Service

If your device needs maintenance, we will take care of it for you. Find out more

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