Accepting limited participants for the Boundaries Inner Circle- begins Jan. 23rd!


Join an Inner Circle of like-minded beauty pros seeking to develop and refine boundaries in the work place! With the help of Coach Kate and Erica, you will strategically develop a plan and practice techniques that will elevate your business, and ultimately, give you the peace and satisfaction you've been craving.

Sessions will be held via Zoom 7-8:00 PM ET on the following Sunday evenings:
  • Jan 23rd: How to get rid of toxic clients, tips to fire clients and creating boundaries that last. 
  • Jan 30th: Evaluate your prices, services, hours and revise or create policies to assist in setting these boundaries. 
  • Feb 6th: How to communicate your new boundaries in a professional way with confidence!
  • Feb 13th: It’s time to take action! We'll create a long-term action plan with boundaries.


What exactly is group coaching?

This isn't therapy or consulting with a bunch of strangers. I.B.G.'s Inner Circles are a trusted, supportive space for beauty pros to connect, ask questions, uplift one another and GROW together! During our Sunday sessions we will create real viable action steps, implement them throughout the week, and come back together and evaluate. This also serves as accountability to help you stay focused on your goals. By joining this group, you'll be added to an exclusive Instagram chat room with access to your Inner Circle, Erica and Coach Kate. 


What will I get out of it?

Confidence. You'll be running your business with a new perspective and respect for yourself and your time! Healthy boundaries not only effect your business, but your family will be positively impacted as well. Whether it's learning to say 'no' or navigating tough conversations with unruly clients- these obstacles will no longer rob you of you joy and weigh you down!

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