Natural Nails

Here are some essentials for your natural nail dry mani kit:

Why you need it:

Small Tapered Barrel

Our versatility queen! Use to exfoliate thick cuticle off of the nail plate, smooth applied product near the cuticle, or remove lifting product. The small barrel size allows for more visibility while filing. We recommend fine or very fine grit for natural nail manicures.

Safety Sciver

This is a staple dry manicure bit! Quickly exfoliate the cuticles and even callused skin on the finger tips. The safe, round top makes this the perfect tool for beginner dry manicurists or basic cuticle prep! We recommend a Fine or Medium grit for natural nails.

Micro Taper

This bit has a thin and tapered point perfect for basic or detailed cuticle work. The diamond particles safely exfoliate skin and cuticle around the nail fold and on the nail plate. We recommend Medium or Fine grit.


This is a client favorite! Use with lunu-luxe cuticle oil on the skin around the nail to smooth and rehydrate the cuticles! Do this as the very last step of the service after product application in order to reduce hangnails and promote a long-lasting manicure!

Natural Nail Dry Mani Kit

Great for beginner users: offer your natural nail clients beautiful, healthy cuticles with this dry manicure kit! All of these bits are made with fine and very fine diamond for safe and effective exfoliation, making it ideal for sensitive cuticles, thin skin, and even kids!

Trio Dry Mani Kit

If you're more advanced: Erica's top 3 bits to exfoliate a variety of cuticle types. Use the Tapered Barrel for overgrown, thick cuticles and the Safety Sciver for basic/quick exfoliation. When you want to do more detailed work or are working with tight sidewalls, use the thin Micro Taper to reach smaller areas. All bits are medium grit.

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