In the past at workshops, trade shows and industry events, I have heard the phrase “what if” asked a lot, especially in a negative way. “What if my nail art was better?” “What if I had gone on that nail retreat?” “What if my social media posts were like (insert another industry rockstar here)”. 

We can live life with a lot of regret for what we didn’t do OR we can change how we ask this question. 

  • What if instead of always looking for the next best product and spending more money on the latest trend, you took that time and money and invested it in education?
  • What if you found someone local to shadow or spent a couple days being mentored by someone you respect in the industry?
  • What if instead of buying more stuff, we took what we already have and improved our skills?

In a world that is looking for instant results and instant perfection, the reality is you can edit your photos BUT what if you buckled down and took what talent you have now and invested in education and knowledge? Think about the doors that could open in the future. 

Sit on this: what if you only purchased products that you need and all the extra, you spend on education? Where could you be a year from now if you choose yourself? 

I have so many education opportunities for you to dive into this year! Check out the dates and locations here. My team and I are committed to pouring into YOU to make you work smarter, not harder.

If you're unsure of where to start or how to create an action plan in this area, see the blog post, Dream Setting Helps Achieve Goals for tips on how to create a vision board!

2022 is the year to put action in so you aren’t asking the “what if“ questions, but instead can then ask “what’s next?”. Let’s go!