Phrases around the importance of self-care like “take care of you so you can take care of others” and “treat yo self” are heard often, but truly how often do we regularly practice it? 

We know it’s not often enough, especially in the industry, but how are we actually practicing the self-love we crave for and need? 

I know for myself, if not intentional, life gets so busy that 3 months have already passed by, and I don’t know how we got to May already. Time moves so fast and we often will blame time as why we haven’t done something. 

  • I don’t have enough time to go to the gym
  • Time got away from me and I couldn’t meal plan
  • I’m too busy and don’t have enough time to do (insert excuse here).
  • There’s no way I have time to schedule anything else
  • Who has the time to actually do (insert self-care activity here).

We never have enough time, and honestly, that will never change. We can, however, be intentional about protecting our energy and peace. Prevention is key and one way we can do this is by putting a self-care strategy plan in place. Let me share the road map to do just that!

Step 1: Identify Roadblocks 

This can help to keep you accountable and spring you into action. Here are the questions to consider before you create a plan:

  • What roadblocks do you foresee may get in the way of progress?
  • What are some of your negative go-to’s when stressed or overwhelmed that you need to avoid? 

Step 2: Discover Current Dependable Strategies

Ask yourself and make a list of the following items:

  • What is your go-to strategy that you can rely on to help?
  • What are 5-10 things you currently enjoy that you would consider relaxing or that refuels you? 
  • How will you feel if you engage in self-care? What do you foresee will be different by making self-care more of a priority?

Step 3: Break Self-Care Into Categories

Once you’ve determined the barriers and thought through what you’ve already tried or have in place, you are ready for the next step, which is creating an actual plan. When thinking about ALL of you, it is helpful to break down your plan with categories that is applicable to us all, including:

  • Physical
  • Emotional/Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Professional/Work-Related
  • Relationships

Choose 1-2 things you can do for yourself to stay refueled.

Step 4: Find Accountability

Share your plan with a trusted friend, family member or co-worker. Put it on your calendar to do a check-in with yourself or have your support system do this. Having accountability makes all of the difference!

Step 5: Ready-Set-Go!

Now that you have a self-care strategy plan in place, it’s time to put it into practice! No day will ever go as you plan so give yourself grace if your plan doesn’t happen exactly the way you want. 

To keep motivation going and to have action behind your plan, I’d encourage you to ask yourself “what do I need?” as opposed to asking yourself “who needs me?”. This is what “treat yo self” really looks like if you want to turn the phrase into reality.

Hands down, I know I am really serious when I tell my accountability partner that I am ALL IN! Without their constant love and kick in the butt, I would surely cheat on myself, but when I know I have good friends behind me cheering me on, it is the strength and constant reminder of why I want to be my best self. 

Need help creating goals? We have a dedicated and experienced Coach who can’t wait to guide you in this to create a sustainable self-care strategy plan. 

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