Have you ever made a New Years resolution and never followed through with it? Raise your hand if you are like the other million people who have good intentions but never actually see the resolution through. We can all raise our hands, I’m sure. We are all guilty of setting a resolution and then about two months in (if we even get that far) deciding to either ignore it completely or make excuses why it’s not on your radar anymore. Why do you think this is? 

I can tell you why. Resolutions set us up for disappointment. Even if going to the gym more is good for us, we put unrealistic expectations for ourselves, which then make the pressure so high that we crumble. Also, resolutions set us up to create a “new” version of ourselves where the work we really need to do is be happy with the person we are today, right now. You are amazing the way you are already and resolutions tell us otherwise. 

2020 was a year like no other and I think we all learned that isn’t about how much you did or didn’t do but more about being present in every moment because life is too precious not to savor the time. Unsubscribe to your old beliefs and let’s try something new. Goal setting actually sets realistic goals and tangible steps to help us get us there in manageable ways. Here is what the focus should be in 2021:

Choose One Bad Habit

Yep, just one. Whether that is picking up fast food every morning on your way to work or drinking a glass of wine every night routinely, choose one thing that you would like to change. Instead of giving it up altogether, try setting a goal of cutting this down in half. Small changes really do make a big change overtime. 

Take The Self Care Second

Evaluate one healthy self care habit that you have either forgotten or try one new one this year that helps you. Whether that is a bath at night or reading before bed instead of being on your phone, start creating that habit so that you actually take a self care second. 

Give Grace & Forgiveness Upfront

Don’t put expectations to solve all of your bad habits from the get go this year. Take a breath, focus on progress over perfection and know you aren’t going to get it right every day. NO one does. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and realize that even if you do, you are still a work in progress. 

Instead of dreading our goals for the new year, let’s try to take simple steps to work towards movement, rather than feeling stuck again in a couple of months. Want to learn more about goal setting and how to actually follow it through? Contact coaching@ericasata.com to change your goals into realities!