I am on anxiety medication. There, I said it!

When talking about the importance of mental health, I wouldn’t be showing true authenticity if I didn’t talk about my own journey. 

I’ve already ripped the band aid off, so let’s keep going. Let’s backtrack to the beginning of 2020 (I know, I still don’t like to think about that year either!) but know that it’s important to look back, so we can move forward. Even prior to when the world shut down, I found myself being short-tempered and my mind feeling scattered in all areas of my life.

I was dropping the ball, not engaging like I wanted to with family and friends, and just feeling like an angry person. 

Then, add in finding out I was pregnant again, which was definitely not what we had planned for our family. I felt this mounting pressure and responsibility with adding another to the plate. (P.S. I now look back on having my youngest daughter and know she was the motivation I needed to change something.

The minute Heidi joined our family, she has been such a joy and happiness for all of us. She is exactly what our family needed!) It just was another item added that made the responsibility mountain feel that much bigger. 

When the pandemic started, I found that the uncertainty overwhelmed me in a way that it hadn’t before. Salons had shut down, and my husband retired so money was very scary.

I was like a tea kettle whistling loudly and ready to burst. I had loved ones express that they noticed a difference in my ability to control my anger and stay on task. If I’m honest, it was really difficult for me to admit that I had a problem, and one I couldn’t control. 

I had a business coach, a therapist, and my faith, but after years, I wanted something more. I said yes to a pill after trying to do it on my own. I celebrate all those who use medication to be their best self and not having shame to ask for help!

Fast forward to today, I happily will tell you that I have now been on medication for two years, and here’s how it has changed my everyday life:

    • My temper and anger are controllable. I’m able to pause before reacting and things don’t blow out of proportion so quickly.
    • My mind doesn’t feel so overwhelmed and scattered. I’m actually able to think, prioritize and feel like I accomplish things in my day.
    • The little things don’t become the big things. They stay little and are manageable to deal with.
    • I’m able to enjoy the moment so much more. I’m able to sit, rest, and just be with my kids. They get the fun and present Mom, not the stressed and overwhelmed. 

I have never looked back and like to openly talk about how this little pill has made a big difference in my everyday functioning. I see people hesitating or starting to feel uncomfortable when I bring it up, but then also feel heard, understood and are given permission to not have it all together. Because, who really does have it all together, right? 

Are there days when I want to stop taking the magical bill because I feel like I’m better? Of course. Do I always love being a part of the mental health medication club? No, not always. But, has it been essential in my life and has helped me to thrive? Heck yes.

I realize how much stigma taking a tiny little pill holds, which is why I talk about it. It also makes me wonder why we don’t talk about our struggles in the industry? Why do we focus on comparison, rather than admitting we have some areas in our lives that are hard? What holds us back from being honest about how we feel and what is holding us back from true balance?

Let’s change this narrative. Social media makes it really hard, but believe we are all here for being honest and work together through it. This is exactly why I created Inner Beauty Growth. I want to build a community that is honest, vulnerable, and talks about our struggles.

I have a tribe who listens, supports, and tells me when I need help and can’t see it. Everyone deserves that and needs that in their lives. Join ours and know you are never alone!

If you are curious about the benefits of medication and need resources in your area to help, reach out to CoachKate@innerbeautygrowth.com. She knows the mental health system and is trained in linking people to therapists and doctors who prescribe mental health medications. She also is a great listener who wants to help link you to what really does help you to thrive. We are here to support you!

If you have experienced the relief that medication has offered, I’d love to hear your story. If you are curious and know your mental health needs some improvement, please reach out. Know we are here and always cheering you on!