Quarantine. Social Distancing. Isolation. Loss of work. These are scary words and there are some unsettling feelings that come with the reality we are facing in our world right now. I've had lots more time to sit with these feelings than ever before, which makes me think of the stages of grief. Most have heard this before but basically, the stages of grief help you identify what we may be feeling during a time of any sort of loss. Here is what they look like for in terms of COVID-19:


Denial-"The media is making this into a bigger deal than what it is." "This isn't going to happen in our town."

Anger-"This is so ridiculous! My business can't survive without money!" "I can't survive without making any money! How stupid people are being about this whole thing!"

Bargaining-"This is hurting my business but know it's saving lives" "I may be fine if I get it but know there are lots of others who may not be so lucky"

Depression-"I might as well not do anything because now I have no money" "Why reach out to anyone when I'm by myself in this anyways?"

Acceptance-"I am going to do what I can and move forward" "I am going to take some online classes to further my skills and techniques" "I am going to focus on building my Instagram account"


Where are you at right now? The main take-away from this for me is that we need to get to acceptance in order to move forward during this. I have had my rough days as I am very much a goal setter and futuristic person. I have never lived in the moment but on my journey to embrace the current reality. I am only planning my goals for tomorrow and finding contentment in that. They are way smaller but I am finding they make me feel better and in control when so much is out of my control around me. Whatever you can do to add optimism and gratitude into your daily routine as this helps you get there. Remember, it is OK to feel these feelings but up to us to move towards action. I am inspired by the stories already of people in the industry making the best out of a bad situation! Let's keep adding to these.