Let me tell you a secret…when you have an issue going on in your life, it doesn’t just impact one part of you, but actually ALL of you. 

I was reminded of this concept about 3 months into the pandemic when I realized how little I was moving and how overwhelmed and stressed I felt. Coach Kate asked me to think of a time in the past when I felt my healthiest/least stressed. One of the things I realized I wasn’t incorporating into my routine anymore was intentionally moving my body.

I joined a gym and met my trainer, J.C. When J.C. asked what my goals were, I told him that I “want to be able to kick someone else’s butt if I have to” and we started meeting every morning at 6 a.m. 3 days a week. 

And to be completely honest, I am not someone who likes working out. I don’t look forward to the gym, but when I see my strength and how good I feel afterwards, it’s the only thing that keeps me going back. I don’t wear cute workout gear and I literally roll out of bed, trying to do better so I can lead better!

Exercise doesn’t just help my physical body (or prepare me to kick butt when needed!), but my emotional and mental health as well. It helps me to clear my head, feel more focused and happier overall. I feel accomplished and it gives me motivation that lasts throughout the day. Whether I’m going through difficult situations or life is good, I know that physically asserting my energy is needed to take care of ALL of me. 

Not only do I suffer, but my closest friends and family do as well. When I wasn’t working out regularly, I found myself tired when my kids wanted to play and more irritable all around. My business and my team also were affected, which is the last place I want negative stress to fall. 

Here’s what this can look like:

  • Clients can feel tension when a team isn’t getting along, which makes them not want to come back. 
  • Your physical health will be affected when you are stressed, which means less money in your paycheck. 
  • Your team will notice you are off or something is wrong when stress affects your mental health, which can cause them to feel uncomfortable at work and could affect retention.
  • Stress can influence your motivation, which doesn’t allow you to see as many people in a day or be productive. 

  • It is important that as beauty professionals, we can manage our stress better so our profits can increase and to have a healthy overall life balance. We are most at risk to stress when we:

    1. Aren’t getting adequate sleep.
    2. Experience some sort of major life transition (like having a child, getting married, a death or loss, moving or getting a divorce).
    3. Not taking care of your physical and mental health.
    4. Experience a medical emergency.
    5. Not eating the proper nutrition. 

    Here are some ways to reduce and manage stress as it appears:

  • Take some time for yourself. Sometimes, we need space and time to pause and figure out an action plan. Allow yourself that time and give yourself permission for some alone time. 
  • Declutter and organize. Our physical environment can represent what we feel and think internally. When you have control over your house or work station, it helps you to feel like you can manage what’s going on inside, too. 
  • Allow your support system to be there for you. Connection, especially to those we love and care about, is important when stressed. Talk about what you are experiencing and ask for help. This is why we have a tribe for moments like this!
  • Exercise and eat healthy. This sounds easier said than done, but moving your body and filling it with food full of nutrition helps to have a clearer mind and focus. 
  • Ensure you are getting enough sleep. When we feel fatigued or tired, our mood is definitely impacted. Try going to bed early and limit time on electronics at a certain time each night to help. 
  • Find ways to relax. Every person is different so how we relax is different. Some people find relaxation in yoga, where others find it by doing a puzzle with a glass of red wine. Regardless of what it is, find what calms your mind and is an escape from the stress. 
  • Prioritize what is important. Try writing down the 2-3 things you want to accomplish for the day. Breaking down your to-do list in chunks helps to not feel so overwhelmed. 
  • Looking at a list can sometimes stress you out more, so encourage you to pick 1 or 2 things off of the list to try. Changing the small things that turn into habits make a BIG difference. 

    If you are having trouble knowing where to start, contact Coach Kate and she'll jump start your routine to reduce stress! Follow Inner Beauty Growth for more tips on how to manage stress.