Have you ever felt emotionally dumped on? 

Or had a physical health issue like chronic headaches that your doctor said was due to stress? 

I know most of you got into this profession because you love what you do. You are passionate and love making people look and feel better. You love to push your creativity to the limit. 

I also know that most of you would say you played the role of a therapist and feel emotionally exhausted at times. I can confidently say that most of you don’t have time to eat lunch, take a break, let alone go to the bathroom. More than ever, it is important that you start taking care of yourself emotionally and physically so you can prevent burnout from taking over.


Here are 5 Tips to move you from just surviving to totally thriving like a boss:


  • Set Your Non-Negotiables and Stick With It. Make a list of what these are and think through what you will and won’t tolerate. Writing them down helps you to process these but also keeps you more accountable to the promises you are keeping for yourself. 
  • Example: Disinfecting before, after and in between every client. Having clients wear a mask throughout their service and making them wait in the car for their service instead of having a waiting room. 

  • Put Solid Boundaries In Place That Will Last Post COVID-19. Not just any boundaries but clear and precise ones that are going to last and set you up for success. 
  • Example: Not responding to any messages outside of work hours, taking two 15 minute breaks each day, not scheduling more than a set number of clients within a day or week, turning on social media and phone alarms so you do not check your platforms or email to keep a work/life balance. 

  • Create Healthy Boundaries. Schedule Self Care Each Day. Prioritizing this time is so important for your own mental health. Put it on your calendar and schedule it every day. You have to invest in yourself if you want to last in any profession. 
  • Example: Take a walk before work each day, treat yourself to your favorite coffee place once a week, try a different walking trail each week, try a new healthy recipe every week, book your favorite beauty treatment once a month to have to look forward to. 

  • Listen to Your Body and Signs of Stress. Be aware of the signs because if you recognize them, you can actually do something about it. Our body sends us warning signs and it’s up to us to listen to them. 
  • Example: Not wanting to get out of bed, getting sick more often, forgetfulness, isolating from others, an increase of headaches. 

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People and Influences. Who you surround yourself with and what messages you pour in greatly impacts your attitude, your motivation and your heart. Fill your social media, your environment and social circle with positivity. The people you surround yourself with should make you feel better, not worse about yourself. 
  • Example: Go through your social media and see if they give you joy with their posts or if you scroll on by because of negativity or political feeds. If they bring negativity, hide their posts or simply unfollow. Consider groups you are a part of and what types of activities give you energy. Try scheduling a time to try this activity or schedule a class like yoga or Zumba as I can guarantee it will make you feel energized and more optimistic. 

    You may feel like you have a good handle over your emotions and as badly as you want to get back to work again, remember that burnout can creep up on you when you least expect it. The more we can be aware and actually put a plan in place to change habits, the better you can preserve the best version of yourself. 


    If you are interested in digging deeper on this topic, email Kate at coaching@ericasata.com to learn more about our customized coaching.