During these uncertain times, it is easy and normal for worry and anxiety to settle in. The reality is that there is uncertainty in life overall, but there are steps we can take so we aren’t left drained emotionally or feeling powerless. It is important for us to be aware of these things so that we can deal with them in a better way. Below is what fear can look like during this time with COVID-19 and what types of things can possibly help with this. Once you are able to identify what type of fear you have, I hope it empowers you to do the things that help combat this. Here are five types of fear you might be experiencing right now:


1. Physical--Fear of getting the virus or worsening your overall health. 

Things That Help: Proper disinfection and hand washing, wearing protective masks, eating healthy, exercising, and leaning into medical professionals for information. 

2. Emotional--Fear of worsening of your own mental health conditions, especially if you already struggle. Sadness of people missing out on milestones like graduations and other celebrations. 

Things That Help: Talking to a support or professional, finding ways to still celebrate (even though it’s not the celebration you had planned), yoga or meditation, and if prescribed, consistently taking your mental health meds. 

3. Sociological--Fear of being around others and isolating from others. 

Things That Help: Focus on helping others from afar (front line workers, clients at risk), try ordering needed items online or for delivery and virtually connect with your positive support network. 

4. Financial--Fear of not being able to afford to keep your business open and to maintain normal daily living. 

Things That Help: Creating a budget and sticking to it, not falling into schemes or high interest loans and focusing on educating yourself on new techniques. 

5. Spiritual--Fear that no one is in control and you have been left behind. 

Things That Help: Virtually connect with spiritual practices, meditate, and write down the things you can control. 

Can you identify any of these fears you have for yourself? We are in this together. Having feelings of fear is something we can all relate to at this time. Reach out and don’t isolate. Be sure you are finding connection and know that being your best self will help you be the best in your profession as well. Let’s set ourselves up for success! And remember, faith over fear.