As professionals in the beauty industry, how do we best support our black community? My eyes have been opened these past few weeks and I was really searching for help with creating a roadmap towards better understanding, awareness and education. I reached out to a friend in the industry, Angela Wigglesworth from Naturally Nailed, whose sister happened to be in town with her that day who was the perfect person to connect and converse with about this topic. I feel honored to share Dr. Stephanie Leonard’s expertise, experience and passion with you as she gave some suggestions on how to navigate this specifically within our industry. 

Meet Dr. Stephanie Leonard! 

-Assistant Professor of Management in the School of Business at Howard University

-Delivers diversity and inclusion strategies for large organizations

-Research interests include micro-generational differences, diversity & inclusion phenomena, race-based trauma in the workplace

-Sixth generation Washingtonian

-Member of Management Faculty of Color

-Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Dr. Leonard recently spoke on this topic on our IGTV and it is worth the watch. Check it out here!

Dr. Leonard’s Recommendations to Dig Deeper

*Make a point to visit an African American museum when you visit somewhere or travel. 

Movies/Documentaries: Just Mercy, When They See Us,13th, Kalief Browder Story, Eyes on the Prize (PBS), Rosewood, I Am Not Your Negro, Fruitvale Station, 4 Little Girls, The Hurricane, Selma

Research about inclusion in the workplace:, for inclusion

Podcasts: 1619 (NYT), Codeswitch (NPR), Intersectionality Matters, The Diversity Gap, Diversity Matters

Adult Books: The New Jim Crow, Between the World and Me, White Fragility, How to Be Antiracist, Stamped From the Beginning, The Warmth of Other Suns, The Color of Law, Lies My Teacher Told Me, From Slavery to Freedom

Children Books: A is for Activism

Additional Children Book Resources

Something Happened In Our Town: A Children’s Story About Racial Injustice, Black Is A Rainbow Color, Say Something, Dictionary for a Better World: Poems, Quotes, and Anecdotes from A to Z, Who Belongs Here? An American Story, What Can A Citizen Do?

Let’s keep the education, learning and conversation going as this is important and not only impacts the industry and our clients but our whole world. If you have any questions on how to navigate this, please reach out to Kate at